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Legal Contracts

Legal, Business and Rental Contracts    

Unlike most Western countries, legal contracts in Cambodia are written by pretty much anyone. And, in most cases the people writing them have little experience of writing a contract. Many contracts are written by estate agents, land lords and tenants with a lawyer rarely being used.

We regularly see poorly written contracts and often tenants, land lords or other people with contracts may never have a problem during the duration of the contract, but do you really want to take that risk when you are investing a lot of money? Most legal contracts are also not signed off properly, and are quite often only signed between the parties involved in the agreement such as a landlord and a tenant.

Now then, you may think why not just use a lawyer? Well, unfortunately that is easier said than done. We have seen many silly contracts written by lawyers.

At Smartup Consultancy, we have had many years of experience of not just writing and checking contracts but also learning from experience of what a badly written contract can do to you financially. Our experiences have told us, you can never be too careful when doing a contract.

We provide many contracts in English for our clients but we can also arrange for contracts to be translated into Khmer with an extra fee.

Revision of a contract

We also offer a revision service of legal contracts including business, rental and land ownership contracts.

We have lots of experience with business and rental contracts, and we can advise to whether or not we think your contract needs amended. Please note we only advise for this service and the contract needs to be taken back to whoever wrote it, to make the necessary amendments. Sometimes, it is easier to ask us to re-do a contract.

Contract Services

Our fees which are listed in our Smartup fees section are for contracts written in English only. However, we can arrange other contract services which also listed below. Please email us at if you need the additional services so we can give you a quotation.


  •          Contracts written in English (as listed in Smartup fees section)
  •          Translations from English to Khmer
  •          Translations from Khmer to English
  •          Contracts registered with the commune/sangkatt
  •          Contracts revised and stamped by a registered lawyer


Please note: Only the Khmer version of a contract is legal.