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Work permits in Cambodia

If you are an employee receiving a salary and living in Cambodia on an ordinary (Type EB) visa then you will need to obtain a work permit. So, this affects teachers, managers, supervisors and many other Western employees working in Cambodia.

If you are an employer/business owner on an ordinary visa (type EB) then you must have a work permit. As a business owner you will also need to register online.

All employers and employees must apply for their work permits online. If you are an employer then you must register your business and quota of staff.  Foreign employees CAN’T apply for a work permit UNLESS their employer has registered their business already. Khmer staff also require employment cards (work permits) which can be registered at the Ministry of Labour in Siem Reap.

Foreign work permits are US$100 per calendar year plus an online fee of around US$30 per application. If you have lived in Cambodia a while and have not obtained work permits previously then you will be expected to pay for the previous years from when you first arrived.

Fines for not having a work permit are generally US$125 and fines are issued by the immigration/ministry of interior. If you are fined, you then have 30 days to obtain your work permit, if you do not obtain a visa within that time then you will be fined again or possibly deported.   

Residency Permits (currently a document)

When living in Cambodia, you should be registered with immigration and your local commune (Sangkatt). When applying for a work permit you will be asked for a residency permit (document).

You can generally get two types of document, one from the immigration police and another from your commune. However, we advise you to get a joint document which will be useful for a number of things. If you are starting a new business  then you must have an original document from immigration police when registering taxes. Some departments require the original copy too, so it maybe best to get a few original copies.

Visas, Work Permits and Residency Permits

For more information about immigration rules including visas, work permits and residency permits then we recommend you take one of our online business consultations. Please check Smartup fees for our services and fees.