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Our Team

About Phil, Senior Consultant with Smartup Business Consultancy

Phil, arrived in Cambodia in late 2003 on one of his adventures and where he fell in love with Siem Reap. At the time there were very few expats in Siem Reap, in fact there were so few expats that you got to know them or at least know their faces around Siem Reap town very quickly. Phil saw the potential that Siem Reap and the Angkor temples had to offer, with at the time only just over half a million tourists visiting Cambodia he could see that was going to rise pretty quickly. During this time there were very few people to get business advice on how to set up business in Cambodia, but after lots of research and planning Phil managed to open a 52 bedroom hotel. Due to good planning and organsing the hotel business was an instant success with great early profits, however Phil soon realised it was too good to be true. A greedy and jealous landlord soon put the dampener on his efforts and ordered him to leave her hotel after just 3 months in business. Unfortunately, Phil lost most of his money to this greedy, jealous and powerful owner who had some serious connections. 

Luckily within a short period of time and with the confidence and learning lessons from the previous hotel, Phil found another hotel with 48 rooms and a great landlord. The new hotel business was a great success and he managed it for nearly 4 years before he got bored with it and moved onto other challenges. Most of these challenges were great successes with the odd one not so successful, but the learning experience was great. The successful businesses were a hotel business, ice-cream van business (still can be seen at the temples, although he no longer owns them) guesthouse business, a second hand shop, a consultancy business and a small tour business.

How did Smartup Business Consultancy start?

The consultancy business started off due to the fact that Phil started to get more and more recommendations as the person to talk too about setting up a business in Siem Reap. After so many referrals, Phil decided to open a business consultancy.

About David, Government Liaison Officer

David, has been working with Phil for over 10 years and a trusted friend, David is Khmer and is very familiar with many parts of the consultancy business and is the person who generally liases with government officials.


About Chea, Junior Government Liaison Officer

Chea has been working with Phil for over 5 years at different levels and has flew through the ranks. Chea is new to Smartup but is learning very quickly and will soon be a major asset to Smartup Business Consultancy and its clients.

About Jimmy, Junior Government Liaison Officer

Jimmy has been working with Phil for over 4 years mainly as his reliable tuk tuk driver and often does smaller jobs for the team.


For more information, please email Phil at To find out more about our services and fees then please check out our Smartup fees section.