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Smartup Fees

Smartup Consultancy Fees

Business Consultation Fees


  • Pre-Consultation (Initial queries and questions) – US$15

  • General Business Consultations - US$40

  • Business Registration Consultations – US$30

  • Taxation Consultations (In Brief) – US$30

  • Taxation Consultations (In depth) – US$80

  • Work Permit Consultations (Including Residency Permits) – US$15

  • RE: Work Permits 2017

    Due to all the changes with WP registrations, the process is much more complicated and time consuming than it was in the past. We continue to assist clients in obtaining their WP's, by offering low cost consultations on the process as well as facilitating the application with the help of a third party agent.

    We offer an initial consultation for a fee of $15, where we will advise you whether you need a work permit and/or what information you need. Then, if you need to apply for a work permit, we can help you to facilitate your application through a third party for an additional $15.


  • Work Permit (Renewals) - US$200 (Plus US$30 for Medical Certificate)
  • Commercial Lease Contract Consultations - US$30

  • Residential Lease Contract Consultations - US$25

  • Business Partner Contract Consultations - US$25

  • Foreigner Property Ownership Contract Consultations - US$25

  • Business Purchase Consultations – US$50

  • UK Tourist Visa Consultations – US$50

  • British Passport Application Consultations – US$40

Please note: ALL consultations are via email.

Business Service Fees


  • Sole Proprietorship Registrations - US$350
  • Ltd Company Registrations - US$950
  • Tax Registration for Sole Proprietorships - US$250  (processing fee only)
  • Tax Registration for Ltd Companies - US$500 (processing fee only)
  • Monthly Tax Accounts (Sales of Under US$10k per month) – US$80
  • Monthly Tax Accounts (Sales of US$10k to US$20k per month) – US$150
  • Tourism Licences - US$60 (processing fee only)
  • Commercial Property Lease Contracts (English Only) – US$100
  • Residential Property Lease Contracts (English Only) – US$50
  • Business Partner Contracts (English Only) - US$70
  • Foreigner Property Ownership Contracts (English Only) - US$100
  • Residency Documents (Registration with Immigration/commune) - US$60
  • Other Services Available – Please Enquire If Not Listed 

Please pay for the service you require via the link below by simply changing the 0USD to the correct amount. Once you have sent the service fee, please send an email to to confirm the service you require and we will get back to you asap.

If you need more information, please email us at